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Ipad 3

The iPad 3 (known at the time as “the new iPad”) first arrived on the scene on March 16, 2012, boasting a new Retina display, better processor, and LTE support, putting it leagues ahead of past iPads. The iPad 3 introduced a 5 megapixel camera to Apple’s line of tablets an enormous jump from the 0.7 megapixels of the iPad 2.

List of Specifications of Ipad 3

The 3rd generation iPad tablet runs on iOS 5.1 and supports all the important core features like portable hotspot, plus a pre-installed iBooks for opening ePubs.

  • Comes with a LED-backlit IPS LCD with 16M Colours
  • It supports about 1 GB RAM
  • It has Cortex A9 Dual Core 1 GHz processor
  • 1080p Video support on main camera @30fps
  • 5 x 7.3 inch display
  • It has around 11560 mAh battery
  • 5 MP autofocus camera + VGA front camera
  • It supports 16/32 GB Internal Memory

Some of the common types of iPad 3 repairing problems:

  1. Repair of the Wi-Fi connectivity problems
  2. iPad 3 LCD Screen Repair
  3. Repairing Charging Port
  4. Repairing the Headphone Jack
  5. Repairing the Loud Speaker
  6. iPad vibrator repair and replacement
  7. iPad power button repair and replacement.

 The above are the various repair that can be done to an iPAD 3. If you are facing any of these problems then come to us without any hesitation and leave the rest upon us. With the good servicing and the early repair, we provide you with the best servicing.The assurance of the serviced or the repaired product will be working at its best will also be made. Therefore above all the repairs are made in the Smart Mac Support