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The Apple iPad Pro was first introduced in 2017. With its robust processor and versatile performance, the high-end tablet has been a big hit with working professionals, students, and tech enthusiasts alike. It boasts a large 12.9-inch Retina display that’s responsive and intuitive. Despite all of its great features, the Apple iPad Pro’s thin build and expansive glass screen are bound to experience some damage from wear and tear.

List of Specifications of Ipad Pro

Running on iOS 10.3.2, the 2017 iPad pro has some incredibly strong specs going for it:

  • 12 x 8.5 inch LED-backlit IPS LCD display with 16M colors
  • 120 Hz touch sensing and multi-touch support
  • 7 MP selfie camera, face detection, HDR, Panorama, and 1080p video support @30fps
  • Inbuilt Stereo speaker
  • Supports Fingerprint sensor
  • 10900 mAh battery
  • It is Upgradable to iOS 12
  • It has about 4GB RAM
  • It has about 64-512 GB internal memory
  • 12 MP camera with manual focus, HDR and 2K video @30fps

Some of the parts that can be Repaired in Ipad Pro

  • ¬†Replace of LCD screen & Digitizer with Daughter Board can be Pre-Installed for iPad Pro
  • Not working of Back camera for ipad pro
  • Software installation for the device
  • Unlocking of the ipad pro.
  • Wifi logic board connector cable for the ipad pro.
  • Problem in the Home button with the finger scan for the ipad pro.
  • Not working of Keyboard smart connecter cable for ipad pro.
  • Tempered glass shield for the ipad pro.
  • Need Precut Adhesive strips for the ipad pro.
  • Data recovery from the device

These all repairs can be done by our Smart Mac Support. With the best parts and perfect working condition. We always try to make give the best out come for our customers. And the parts which we use in the rapairs will be original and gives you the more life span.