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iPhone 6

Being the successor of the Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 6 was presented to the global market with promised additional features. And as always, the product reaped success among a large number of Apple and iPhone lovers in the market. With added features, the 6th version of iPhone stood high in quality and standards, pushing back it’s predecessors in performance. Let’s see the specifications and features of the Apple iPhone 6 and the possible repair issues a user may unfortunately face along with the services we lend for iPhone 6 repair and support in Noida.

Apple iPhone 6 specifications and features:

  • 70 inches display promising better clarity than the previous version.
  • Screem Resolution – 750*1336 pixels.
  • Storage 16 GB.
  • Processor 1.4 GHz dual-core.
  • RAM 1GB.
  • Rear camera 8 megapixel.
  • Front camera 1.2 megapixel.
  • OS iOS version 8.0.
  • Battery Capacity 1810mAH with sustaining battery life.
  • Available in market with colours – silver, gold, grey.
  • Processor manufacturer Apple AB.

iPhone 6 common repair issues faced by users:

  • Repairs due to Auto unexpected Shutdown.
  • Repairs due to Performance Lagging.
  • Repairs due to Sudden activity hangs.
  • Repairs due to GPS malfunctioning problem.
  • Repairs due to Frequent Screen freezing problems.
  • Repairs regarding software updates.
  • Repairs regarding Charging issues and ports.
  • Problems related to Battery inflation.
  • Repairs related to Mouthpiece/speaker malfunction problems.
  • Repairs due to Sim card errors.

These could be the general repairs one may unfortunately face with his/her iPhone 6. Need not worry as we are lending our best service to meet your need accordingly for iPhone 6 repair and support in Noida. Whatever the issue might be, we’ll make it right for you in a most efficient and trust worthy way. All such products which are to be repaired will be dealt with and if possible repaired in Smart Mac Support , delivering our service in the best possible way, just like the manufacturers.