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iPhone 6S

Being a successor of Apple iPhone 6 series, iPhone 6S was realeased on October 16, 2015. As always, Apple had a lot of attractive upgrades in this version of their phone too. Apple’s iPhones are one of the most trusted products in global scale because of it’s high quality services and attractive features. With each of their announcements, Apple ensures better and efficient upgrades via their popular phone’s, attracting more and more buyers in the global market. In this article, we’re gonna analyse the 6S version of iPhone 6S, it’s features and the possible repair issues along with the services we lend for iPhone 6S repair and support in Noida.

Specifications of Apple iPhone 6S:

  • Dual Core system.
  • 7 inches display providing the best visual experience.
  • 64 GB storage space.
  • 12 megapixel camera with 5 times digital zoom.
  • 1715 mAh battery with an extended battery life.
  • 2GB Ram.
  • Finger print sensor for advanced, secure and easy locking/unlocking.
  • Light sensor.
  • Proximity sensor.
  • OS iOS version 9.
  • Graphics PowerVR GT7600.
  • Apple iPhone 6S is Available in Gold, Grey, silver and Rose Gold colours in the global market.

General Repair Issues faced by iPhone 6S users

  • Problem due to the Battery life hinging down.
  • Home button issues and malfunction.
  • Touch ID sensor malfunction.
  • Sudden Auto Turning off.
  • Overheating of the phone.
  • Speaker Distortion problems.
  • 3D touch issue.
  • WiFi connectivity issues.
  • Problemw related to GPI dropping.
  • Battery percentage stuck issues.
  • Connectivity issues.
  • Flashlight issues.
  • Unresponsive touchpad or touch screen problems.
  • Charging issues.
  • Problems regarding Software update or unable to update softwares.

These could be the general repairs one may unfortunately face with his/her iPhone 6S. Need not worry as we are lending our best service to meet your need accordingly for iPhone 6S repair and support in Noida. Whatever the issue might be, we’ll make it right for you in a most efficient and trust worthy way. All such products which are to be repaired will be dealt with and if possible repaired in Smart Mac Support, delivering our service in the best possible way, just like the manufacturers.