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Iphone 7 plus

From a design perspective, the tenth generation iPhone 7 Plus is nearly identical to its predecessor iPhone 6s. Its removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack was quite controversial in 2016 when it was launched, but notwithstanding this drawback, it has proven itself to be the worthy successor in the line of the main iphone flagship models. It has aged extremely well, and still holds up in fall 2018.

Specifications of the iPhone 7 plus

The largest improvement on the iPhone 7 over the last generations by far is its rear camera, which received optical image stabilization and a telephoto lens for better zoom levels.

The major specifications are as follows:

  • 29 inch ultra-thin frame
  • 5 inches LED-backlit IPS LCD screen with 16M colors
  • About 400 ppi density
  • Runs on iOS 10.0.1, upgradable to the latest iOS 12
  • 2x Hurricane and 2x Zephyr Quad-core 2.34 GHz processor, A10 Fusion chipset
  • PVR 7XT Plus GPU
  • 12MP PDAF rear camera, 28mm wide and 56mm telephoto lens, supports 2160p video recording @30fps
  • 7MP 32mm front-facing camera with face detection, supports 1080p video recording @30fps
  • 2900 mAH non-removable lithium battery
  • 3 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 32-256 GB internal memory

iphone 7 + Repair and Support in Noida

  • Repair of dysfunctional or damaged power button
  • Repair of broken volume buttons
  • Repair of damaged USB cable
  • Phone charging issues due to adapter not working
  • Repair of damaged or dysfunctional 2900 mAH Li-Ion battery
  • Solutions to iCloud issues

Although Apple does offer a warranty, it just gives a single year of coverage. The iphone 7 is still susceptible to various issues after that period which needs repairing. Smart Mac Support specializes in these repairs, and is almost guaranteed to get your phone back in running condition in a matter of days, or even hours. So If you want iphone 7 Plus Repair and Support in Noida, visit Smart Mac Support today!