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iPhone XS

iPhone XS was released as a variant of the cutting-edge futuristic iPhone X. It contains the modern design of iPhone X with the larger screen-to-body ratio, a camera that is leagues apart from all other smartphones with similar specs, good processing power and RAM. Additionally, the twelfth-generation iPhone XS provides some improvements over the original iPhone X. It comes pre-installed with the latest iOS 12, provides e-SIM compatibility, and has an upgraded processor chipset (A12 Bionic), more RAM and better GPU.

Specifications of the iPhone XS

  • 30 inch ultra-thin frame
  • 8 inches LED-backlit IPS LCD screen with 16M colors
  • 458 ppi density
  • iOS 12
  • 12MP OIS and PDAF camera with quad-LED dual tone flash and up to 2160p video support @60fps, 2x optical zoom
  • 7MP front-facing camera with HDR, supports video recording up to 1080p @30fps
  • Apple A12 Bionics chipset
  • 2x Vortex 2.5 GHz and 4x Tempest 1.6 GHz hexa-core processor
  • Quad-core Apple GPU
  • 2658mAH non-removable battery
  • 4 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 64/256 GB internal memory

iPhone XS Repair and Support in Noida

  • Replacement for broken LCD touchscreen
  • Repair for dislodged USB port
  • Repair for iPhone XS screen digitizer
  • Repairs for damaged home button
  • Support for iOS and iCloud issues
  • Repair for damaged or dysfunctional wi-fi antenna
  • Repair of a broken camera

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